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1/2 price streaming

Burton Silverman

Burton Silverman's work has appeared in New Yorker Magazine "Profiles," on the covers of Time Magazine
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Burton Silverman

Judith Carducci

Carducci, PSA, has been recognized as one of today’s best portraitist artists. She has won numerous awards nationally and internationally.
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Judith Carducci

Meet the Artists

Art Demonstrations from Master Artists

Have you ever dreamed about taking an art class from your favorite artist? Just imagine how invaluable that experience would be, and how much better of an artist you could become. With Signilar’s exclusive live art demonstrations from world-renowned artists, this dream can become a reality.

We feature award-winning artists who are recorded as their masterpieces are created. Learn how to create an incredibly lifelike portrait directly from Judith B. Carducci, or discover the secret behind still life painting that comes alive on the canvas with Gregg Kreutz.

With our unscripted DVDs and streaming videos, you will have exclusive access to the actual creative process the world’s best artists go through. You will feel like you sitting in a room with a master artist, taking in all of the incredible knowledge, tips, and secrets they have to share.

Unlike other art tutorial videos you will find on the Internet, our art demonstrations from Signilar don’t cut anything out. When you watch our videos, you will be privy to every technique, every strategy, and every suggestion the artists have to offer. You can’t get this experience anywhere else.It just doesn’t exist.

When you put on our art demonstrations — whether through our streaming videos or DVD options—you will be drawn in as you watch a true master at work. You will be blown away with the methods they use that you haven’t even considered, and you will be intrigued with their methodical process and meticulous attention to detail.

The artists we feature are not just experts, they are the teachers of the teachers, and now you can learn directly from them.While each live art demonstration offers a difference experience, you can expect to learn:

  •  The process your favorite artist uses to achieve their unique look
  •  Ideas for finding a muse and sparking your creativity
  •  Secret techniques to make the finished piece of artwork flawless
  •  Which tools the artist recommends for the desired finish, and many of them aren’t even the most expensive
  •  What mediums you should use for a specific aesthetic
  •  And much, much more that you simply cannot find with a Google search

Our art demonstrations are not how-to videos, or even instructional videos. Our art demonstrations are the absolute best teaching tool available to artists today. When you view our videos, you will receive an unforgettable, invaluable experience that you can pause, rewind, and watch over and over again. And they can only be found here.

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