A Warm Farewell…

Dear Friends and fellow artists,

I am writing to tell you that I finally decided to retire Signilar Art Videos. We’ve had a great run and have sold thousands of DVDs to great artists around the world. But time to close shop! It is with this in mind that I am offering to you the best that we have. I only have 12,000 DVDs left and I want to get them in the hands of people that will enjoy and use them like you at a wonderful discount. Remember that these DVDs were made with a television crew of the best artists, all of whom were tops in their fields. Some have won top honors at the Portrait Society of America and the others I’m sure are on their way to doing so. This is a chance to obtain all the skills from all our artists that cannot be found anywhere else. It has been my life’s work to not just create art but to preserve it and I have done so in the form of these DVDs.

This sale is first come first served! These artists and their skills can only be seen here. We made it so that you would feel that you were in their studio watching them. It’s an at-home opportunity to see what they do firsthand. I was an artist producing these demonstration DVDs so you would see them the way they should be seen. You never know when you might like to play one in the back of your studio or watch one to grow your own skills and perspective. Just remember these are one of a kind and should be part of any good artist’s collection.

Best wishes for a good winter,