Lajos Markos

In his lifetime, Lajos Markos completed over 2,000 portraits, from the royal and rich to the famous and beautiful. John Wayne, Robert Kennedy, The Royal Family of King Hassan II, cellist Pablo Casals and many more — all commissioned Markos to create the caring, classic portrait for them. His portraits unfailingly capture the character and mood of the subject with none of the photo-realistic gloss. His world famous Old West scenes, large paintings, and murals of Western lore and the Alamo are displayed in the Texas state capitol in Austin.

The renowned Master of the classical portrait, Lajos Markos gives a complete demonstration from blank canvas to finished portrait. Filmed in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Markos shows how each thoughtful stroke contributes to the completion of the canvas. Always the consummate teacher, the artist complements the beautiful and detailed painting with his own running commentary. The video provides an over the shoulder view, so that one can see each brush stroke as closely and clearly as Markos himself does. Small patches of color blend with each stoke as he explains the brush and its movement.

Exactly how to draw the portrait and create the likeness becomes clear. Markos is a master at putting layers of paint together so they cover but do not blend, making the portrait look compellingly life like.

Markos Portrait

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