The Art of Still Life Painting

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Gregg Kreutz

Two hours – Stream for 1 week or 1 month

Kreutz teaches the viewer how to create a glow to his subject matter which is a fruit bowl. His paint application is extraordinary on the fruit, on the glass, on the wine bottle, on the metal bowl. Even the table cloth comes vividly alive.
He refers to a four-step process: placement, background, shadow and light. With this method, he knows exactly how he is going to develop his painting. He talks about each step, mentions every combination of color, explains what he is doing and why. He is easily understood as he demonstrates.

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Gregg Kreutz “The Art of Still Life Painting”

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1 review for The Art of Still Life Painting

  1. David Gayman (verified owner)

    Five stars, for sure.

    As a journeyman painter, I found Kreutz’s still life demo to be excellent. He gets right to the canvas, assuming that you know the basics.

    The setup is quasi-Dutch Master (dramatic light / chiaroscuro, a touch of porcelain, an abundance of fruit, a wine glass, underlay of white linen). Kreutz makes a few remarks about it (wish he had said more), emphasizing how he perceives the action of light across the scene. And it was interesting to watch him make evolutionary changes midstream, adding a wine bottle not present in the original setup, and deleting an extra fold at the right of the linen.

    His adept drawing and brushwork are impressive. Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of the demo is the way that repeated overlays of subtle touches bring more and more out on the canvas. You find yourself rewinding again and again to see how a touch or two makes a huge difference in effect. His ways of developing the play of light on the center of interest (the pyramid of fruit), is especially adept, with a touch of highlight here, a fringe of halation there, subtle touches of texture, and the play of reflected light throughout.

    • Siri Gaydos

      Thank You. We are very glad you enjoyed Kreutz’s demo. I hope you will try others in the future.
      Sincerely, Signilar Art Video

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