Drawing, The Language of Vision DVD


Burton Silverman

105 minutes

This presentation is a must for anyone seriously interested in learning to draw. In it the viewer is introduced to Burt’s method of teaching. He has had over 60 years of experience both in his workshops and at his studio. He starts the demo with an explanation of the importance of drawing. Silverman does two complete drawings in this film, one in charcoal on toned paper and one in pencil on paper. This is a comprehensive program on drawing which Mr. Silverman employs as both an illustrator and a painter.

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Burton Silverman: Drawing, The Language of Vision

105 minutes, full demonstration                                                                                                                                 Silverman Drawing studio.jpg

In this, the first drawiSilverman Drawing Art DS copy.pngng tape from Signilar Art Videos, the viewer is taken on an extensive journey into the realm of figurative drawing. No matter what the medium, drawing is the basis for all good painting. Burton Silverman is the perfect artist to guide us through because of both his extensive knowledge of drawing and from having taught drawing for more than 45 years as part of his painting classes.

Silverman starts the viewer out by explaining the importance of drawing, and to see in graphic terms the shapes and values that are used to compose a picture.” He says he works from the outside in, doing a gesture outline from which he then finds the subtleties of shading and high lights. He calls drawing a kind of sculpting, cutting out the shapes and then detailing them. Silverman does two complete drawing on this DVD, one on toned paper with charcoal and one on white paper with pencil. Both are completed Silverman masterpieces. And with the running commentary he gives, this DVD is an extraordinary lesson in “Drawing as the language of vision.” We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.


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