Painting The Figure – Teresa DVD


Burton Silverman

1 hour 45 minutes

Burt Silverman is a wonderful teacher who does great demonstrations: very clear and thorough. In this presentation he explains all the techniques he uses to create a perfect likeness with the exactly expression of mood and personality. He is national recognized as a master illustrator and painter, with over 25 Time Magazines titles to his credit. He explains everything from the materials he uses to the changes he makes in the design of the painting and how to fix mistakes. This is a fabulous film on using watercolor for portraits.


Burton Silverman: Painting The Figure Teresa

In Watercolor, 1 hour 45 minutes

In this videotape, the viewer has the opportunity to experience the extraordinary technical Silverman Art Teresa ds.pngmastery of this artist. Burt is both controversial and candid as he unravels the secrets of his watercolor techniques. The video has everything, from taping down the paper through the corrections of the design down to the last stroke on the model’s fingers. He uses careful design, wonderful and unusual color and some very new and different methods to get the affect of the light and modeling that he desires. Burt uses brushes and paper towels to erase, big mop brushes and cross strokes to color large areas and pencil or charcoal to correct. Silverman explains everything as he paints. We recommend it for watercolorists and oil painters alike.


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