Painting the Portrait in Pastel: Nick DVD


Judith B. Carducci

3 hours, 15 minutes, 2 DVD set with 8 page Leaflet

This is a very complete 3 hour demonstration of Judith Carducci’s showing all the techniques and thinking that go into painting the portrait of a Young Man. Judy starts with charcoal to layout the shadows and gestures in the portrait. Then, she goes right into beautiful color as she describes the features of the face, the anatomy of the arm and hand, and the folds of the shirt. This is one of the best presentations on portrait painting where the artist captures exactly the mood and likeness of the sitter.


Short Video Sample

Judith B. Carducci: Painting the Portrait in Pastel, Nick

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3 hours, 15 minutes, 2 DVD set with 8 page Leaflet

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A complete double disk, over three hours of demonstration, with all the technique and thinking that goes into getting it right. From a loose drawing, she places the measurements of the head and then includes the right hand. She is squinting a lot of the time and, using the charcoal stick, drops plum lines from corner of the eye to shoulder, ear to hand, pupil to mouth. She explains how the shadow areas help her to define the masses, and with each stroke Judy puts in more and more detail. She talks about glazing and how to use shadow to enhance the features of the face. Those who work in oil find her methods useful because she is such a precise colorist who employs the selective use of “melting edges.” She has purposely put in the arm and hand to show how easily and simply they can be portrayed. It is a fascinating video and one we are sure you will treasure.


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